The Cupp's Summit County Condo




H is for Hiking
B is for Biking

Bike Path
Map -

Path loops around most of Lake Dillon, connects along I-70 to Copper Mtn and Vail Pass
also goes from Frisco to Breckenridge and Dillon to Keystone


H/B - Area just around Condo,
See directions on summer page on how to get there. We hiked and biked all around them at Memorial day and had a great time. You could spend several days exploring these trails without ever having to start your car. I'm working on building a trail map of this area, as I can't find one on the web. There are two main trails The Salt Lick Trail and another one that goes from the bottom to the top of Wildernest. Then there are about 10 different trails that cross back and forth from the Wildernest main road and the second trail. If you are in good shape, you can make some interesting loops with the Salt Lick - Lily Pad Lake, the unnamed trail that parallels Wildernest.

H - Lily Pad, beginner-easy, 3.2 miles

H / B partial- Salt Lick beginner 4 miles

H / B partial- Mesa Cortina ,5 miles rt, beginner

H - Buffalo Mountain, advanced

I Finally got around to doing this hike this summer. It was great, great views of Lake Dillon and the area. It is a tough hike, especially the boulder field, but it is now marked and maintained very well.

H - Red Peak, advanced


H - Old Dillon Reservoir Trail , Easy, .75 miles

H/B - Tenderfoot Mountain, moderate

H/B - Windy Point, easy

H - Mt. Royal, intermediate, 3 miles rt

H/B - Frisco Nordic Center 5 miles, Singletrack intermediate

Peaks Trail, moderate
H/B -

Meadow Creek Trail easy-moderate
H -

Breckenridge -
H – Mohawk Lake, intermediate, 3 miles 1700ft gain

H - Black Powder Pass, beginner-easy, 3.4 miles

H/B – Gold Run Gulch, intermediate, 11.1 miles of trails

B - Swan River - 20 Miles Singletrack and Fire Roads, Advanced

B - Indiana Creek - Pennsylvania Creek - Wheelers Trail - Burro Trail
21.7 miles, technical-moderate, physical-difficult

B – Burro Trail, 12 miles intermediate/advanced

H – McCullough Gulch, Intermediate, 2.8 miles, 900 ft gain

H – Quandary Peak, advanced 6 miles,

B – Boreas Pass, intermediate

H - Spruce Creek Trail, 3.1 miles, Moderate

B - Breck Ski Resort - 4 miles, Single Track, Using Lift

H – Upper Crystal Lake, advanced

H – Mt. Guyot, advanced

Keystone -
B -Aqueduct Trail - 2 miles

B – Peru Creek Intermediate, 11 miles

H/B? Radical Hill Trail – Intermediate, 1400ft gain

H/B? – Chihuahua Gulch, 6.5 miles, Intermediate

H - St. Johns - beginner-easy/intermediate, 5 miles

B – St Johns – intermediate/advanced 14 miles

Copper Mountain
H - Mayflower Gulch - easy - 2miles

H – Wheeler Lakes, Intermediate, 6 miles rt

B - Ski Resort - Boonedoggle - 4.3 miles, Singletrack, intermediate, Using Lift

H/B- Colorado Trail - Searle Pass, 12 miles, Singletrack, intermediate.

H - Loveland Pass, beginner,easy/intermediate 3 miles

H/B - Lincoln, Bross, Democrat, advanced

H – Bierstadt, advanced